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CAMAS is developing an association that will merge consumers and merchants into a mutually-beneficial relationship with long term loyalty. Consumer members will be rewarded through a proprietary affiliate referral program funded by the Merchants.

  • It will be free to enroll. There are no membership fees, ever.
  • There are no products to purchase and sell, ever.
  • Members don’t have to change their buying habits.
  • CAMAS will tap into the existing purchase stream of millions of consumers, and the demonstrated desire of merchants to provide buying incentives, especially when it will lock in loyalty.

CAMAS will be the conduit for the majority of family budget spending including:

  • Recurring billing products such as utilities, ISP’s, cable, telephone, and all types of insurance;
  • Consumables such as gasoline, clothing, restaurants, and groceries;
  • Services such as auto repair, home maintenance, entertainment, travel, hotel, and banking; and
  • Online transactions from the largest sellers like Amazon and Ebay to the smallest niche companies

Unlike traditional buyer associations that provide simple discounts or coupons from participating merchants, CAMAS will pay commissions to the consumers who build the association through our unique affiliate referral program. Our consumer members will not only earn referral commissions, they will receive ongoing affiliate commissions from ordinary family spending. This will multiply the rewards and motivation much greater than simple discounts, coupons, or points, and it will ensure long term loyalty.

While affiliate referral programs are common, even among some of the largest companies in the world, CAMAS has three unique copyrighted elements that will motivate vigorous referral action that will explode through existing social media.

Our combination of initial referral commissions and long term ongoing commissions from family budget monthly spending has never been done before.

CAMAS is a new model for merchants who will have no advertising or up-front risk. Our interviews with merchants have 100% willingness to participate because they have no risk and guaranteed profit.

All consumer purchases, referral fees and commissions will be initiated and tracked by CAMAS Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Commissions will automatically transfer into the member accounts in real time.

If you would like to receive notice when CAMAS goes live, please send an email with your name and country to


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